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Preparing Your Surface For Paint

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Preparing Your Surface For Paint

Preparing Your Surface For Paint

Preparing Your Surface For Paint

When spent money on your house or business, you want it to last. Everyone hopes to stretch their dollar on renovation or improvement projects, but not everyone takes the proper steps to make that happen.

Such is the case with painting. Properly preparing the outer lining of your exterior walls carries a direct impact on the longevity of one's paint. Although proper temperature, film thickness and dry time all play parts in the quality of one's paint application, none are as critical as surface preparation. In many cases, the price tag on improper preparation - that may require recovering or repainting - can exceed the cost of one's initial project.

Below are several suggestions to help you prepare your exterior walls for painting.

Power wash. Thoroughly stripping your exterior surfaces having a power wash will leave a clean slate to work with, removing any dirt or chips. Seal cracks. When working together with stucco or wood surfaces, it is important to seal any cracks that could disrupt the smooth application of the paint. Scrape paint. Any loose or peeling paint in your exterior walls that the power washer missed ought to be scraped away. Repair masonry. Damaged areas, for example chipped corners, should be repaired or retextured so that you can fully cover your exterior surfaces. Brush the trim. Doors, door frames and facia boards needs to be brushed and rolled before the walls are painted.

An adhesion test is a superb approach to finalize your surface preparation, and also to ensure that it really is ready for painting. To test adhesion, first apply a coat of paint to a small area of the wall and let it dry. After it dries, etch cross-hatches in to the paint which has a razor blade and after that press an adhesive tape over the cross-hatches. If the coating stays on the surface of one's wall once you take away the tape, you've got quality adhesion and a good surface to paint on.

When employing a painting company to take care of one's exteriors walls, it is best to hire a company that recognizes the importance of surface preparation and applies it in their work. With proper surface preparation, your walls will continue to be brighter as well as your wallet heavier inside the years into the future. To find out more check out our webiste: Decor Express

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